Behind the Box

Sometimes you need to think outside the box but this time it was inside the box. The story began with a conversation about marketing and career opportunities.

Married couple Brent and Stephanie Kilborn always had the entrepreneurial itch, but with two young children at home family was always front row center. As the family grew so too did their desire to create something unique to their family and values. The Canadian Beauty box was born.

Stephanie is the creative backbone behind what goes into each and every Beauty box, with her extensive knowledge of network marketing and business, Stephanie brings a wealth of customer service and market insight to the Canadian Beauty Brand.

Brent brings his plethora of manufacturing skills as well as a background in logistics and B2B sourcing to give Canadian Beauty a unique approach for their Canadian vendors.

Together their goal is to provide fellow Canadians with homegrown brands and products from coast to coast.

At Canadian Beauty box we are committed and proud to support our fellow Canadian business owners.

When you subscribe, you are supporting Canadian entrepreneurs, our economy and our beautiful country.