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 The Medikate story is a simple one. Katelyn had a vision to simplify your skincare routine, all while making your skin healthier and happier in the process. With her own personal struggle with acne it sparked an interest in learning more about why the skin reacted the way it did. After trying multiple products and treatments over they years that did not work she was determined to find out why.  

The Skinroom.ca

Kash & Co. 



We create all of our accessories with you in mind. All of you. We believe in beauty everywhere, in everyone. We are proudly Canadian, proudly diverse and proudly female-owned.


The accessories created at Kash & Co. have been hand-picked with love for everyday beauty.We are committed to providing high-quality products that are effortless and easy to use.  


We believe in female expression and that there isn't one trend or one style you should follow. There is only one rule here: Be your own beautiful. All of these accessories are made for you.

My Kash & Co

Arrow it forward

 My journey began with blogging, which lead to me featuring women entrepreneurs who had boldly followed their dreams. I felt like I was finally on the right path, that I was following my arrow, and I wanted to inspire others to do the same. My business morphed into making products that mean something to me, I have so much fun coming up with names and descriptions and seeing people get a chuckle out of my sarcastic sense of humour.  

Arrow it Forward

The Salted Rose 

 The Salted Rose is a shop of handcrafted natural products. Created by a 'stay at home mom' wanting to spend more time with her family while also having an outlet for herself.
A passion project turned business. The Salted Rose is here to create truly amazing products using high quality natural ingredients. There is an exceptionally detailed look into every aspect of what we curate. You can rest assured that you are doing your body right by treating yourself or others with Salted Rose naturals. 

The Salted Rose

All Bambu 


Who we are

Small actions make a big difference! allBambu® is committed to taking a small but mighty step to promote green living to conserve energy and prevent pollution. We care for the environment! Our motto at allBambu® is “Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution”

We not only strive to offer environmentally sustainable products but also integrate sustainability into our day to day decisions including partnerships with vendors & suppliers.

All our products are made from Bamboo which is the fastest growing & most renewable plant on the planet, growing almost 3-4 feet in 24 hours. To put it in perspective it is 100% biodegradable, sustainable, durable, versatile and beautiful! The bamboo used in our products is organically grown and manufactured sustainably. In addition, all our packaging is made of kraft paper which is a natural material that is 100% bio-degradable and decomposes within a few weeks just like paper.

We are committed to the sustainability journey and strongly believe that by thinking and acting sustainably, we will deliver excellent customer service and strong financial results and position ourselves for a strong future.


Clover and Coast

Located in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, Clover + Coast is a local artisan with a love of fibres and handcrafted statement pieces.

Clover + Coast specializes in trendy handmade fiber statement earrings, made from locally sourced materials. Gemma’s gorgeous Boho-style tassel earrings are made in a variety of colours, styles, and materials such as tasseled suede, feather macrame, or frayed fibres.

Clover and Coast

AA Designs

 AA Designs was created by two sisters (Anna & Agatha) who are addicted to fun design, creating pieces with the intention to inspire and promote wellness with unique blend of semi-precious gemstones.  Our pieces could be worn not only to feel good but also to fit your own personal style.  Each piece is crafted, timeless and meant to last through your journey.  All materials are of the finest quality and are handpicked.  We take pride and ownership in each step we take to produce each piece separately. 

AA Designs

Bitter Gold

 Awhile back when I was a little girl, every time I would get nervous, anxious or scared I would bite my nails. As I got older, I started biting my nails without even realizing it. I started to pick the skin around my nail, sometimes to the point where it would bleed and get infected. I felt like I was constantly trying to hide my hands because I was so ashamed of my nails. I started to feel that there was no product or support out there that could help me. So, I kept this struggle in the corner of my mind when developing a product to make people start loving their real nails. To give you the tools you need to express yourself through your natural beauty within, our team made the decision to start distributing a nail serum for people who are suffering from weak and damaged nails. 

Bitter Gold