What's in the box?


Dione Cosmetics Summer Sizzle Pressed Eye Shadow 

(Retail $12)

Exclusive to the 2019 Canadian Beauty Box, Dione Cosmetics is back and delivering this velvety smooth eye shadow, that is a dream to apply and so incredibly versatile.



Sweet Living Co. Frankincense Beauty Balm

(Retail $47)

 Smells rich, warm and soothing. Frankincense has remarkable rejuvenating and healing properties as it supports the skin in replacing old cells with new ones. It is often used to fade scars, eliminate sun spots and reduce wrinkles. This concentrated treatment helps reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth, lips, cheeks and eye area while improving the look of skin texture and radiance. This formula is an excellent choice for those looking for a rich all-over evening repair cream or for spot use around areas where lines are starting to show. This balm goes a long way. Paleo-friendly skincare.  


Bella Copper Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

(Retail $20)

 Trendy fashion meets aromatherapy. I create my pieces to be from office to soccer practice and groceries to date night. Add your essential oil or frangence to the jewelry pad or lava stone, and enjoy the benefits on the go. 

All bracelets are made designed and strung by our family. Each has a uniqueness to it


V.P.I Shade in your Lane Sunglasses

(Retail $30 + 20% Coupon)


V.P.I. Affordable Fashionable Eyewear

It’s only fitting that our flagship brand be built on a simple principle: satisfy our customers’ desire for affordably priced, high quality eyewear that doesn’t sacrifice either maximum U.V. protection or durability.

And because choice is always key, V.P.I. sunglasses are constantly updated with the latest in fashion to bring you a wide assortment of styles that range from the classic to the current trends from New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Italy.


Clean Kiss Organics Cream Deodorant

(Retail $14 + 10% Coupon)

 Made with only natural, 100% clean ingredients including organic cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil) & melaleuca oil (tea tree), for its antibacterial properties, essential oils to invigorate your senses, and other clean & natural, GMO-free ingredients to eliminate bacteria that causes underarm odor. Hot yoga & extreme heat-tested and proven to work!

This natural deodorant will help keep you smelling sweet and fresh under even extreme circumstances. The essential oils will eliminate bacteria-causing odor and leave you feeling fresh and energized. 


Kajio Energizing Meditation Roll on Essential Oil Blend

(Retail $17)


Uplift your spirits with this fun, citrusy blend! Notes of red mandarin, lemon and grapefruit combine to create this energizing blend.

Carry it with you to use as a quick pick me up during the day.

Key Ingredients

Mandarin – An uplifting scent, calms an overactive mind

Grapefruit – Fights fatigue, stimulates the senses, and is a great defence against exhaustion on all levels.

Lemon – Refreshing, cleansing and detoxifying. Clarifies and stimulates the mind.


Wear Your Crown Summer Scrunchies

(Retail $12)


We are a Toronto-based, online boutique, specializing in reviving The Scrunchie Movement. Each unique item is handmade from high quality, locally and ethically sourced fabric. Each of our scrunchies reflects an aspect of your personality and adds that something extra to your look to make a statement.  Scrunchies are the perfect alternative to the traditional elastic as they do not damage your beautiful locks and are a stylish accessory! Let's not forget they look fabulous around your wrist too!

A portion of our proceeds go towards our partnership with GEM (Girls E-Mentorship), to inspire, empower and support aspiring young women attain their goals.