What's in the box?

2023 Summer Collection 


Lipservice Beauty

Sun Smart Stawberry Splash

Lip Balm 


 The 'Sun Smart' lip balm is infused with carrot seed oil which has a natural sun protective barrier of 40). Protect your lips naturally from the sun. 



Voir Haircare

A Walk In The Sun

Hair Oil


An award-winning luxury hair oil!

This lightweight hair oil locks in

moisture (without the grease), 

unlocks beachy waves, and uplifts your shine.


  ISC Aurora Magical Cleansing Facial Bar  


 A zero waste formula that replaces a typical aqua cleanser with beneficial properties to calm and soothe all skin types. Sweep away the day with our refreshing Magical Cleansing Facial Bar.  



EVIO Beauty

Revilatizing Oil Serum

  A unique blend of 9 plant-based oils and extracts to sooth inflammation, redness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and stressed out skin. A blend that is deeply hydrating and nourishing 



Rock Paper Pretty

Howlite Arrow Bracelet


   This gorgeous handmade Howlite gemstone bracelet with gold Hemitite arrows will be a great addition to your jewelry collection this Summer! Howlite is known for having soothing energy and is believed to attract good luck, wealth, abundance and proseperity, while Hemitite is known for grounding and protection.